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If your enquiry is about Youth team trials or our Academy, please contact our Academy team directly.

If your enquiry is regarding a trial for our first team squad, please provide the following details:

1. Your full name

2. Your current age

3. The position/s you play

4. Details regarding your playing career for the current and previous 3 seasons

5. Your home address & postcode

6. Your phone number

7. Your email address

If you do not provide this information as a minimum, then your request cannot be forwarded to our management team. Thank you for your understanding.

To ensure your message makes it to the correct person, please add the correct contact name for your enquiry:

Club matters - Jackie Watkins


1st Team trials - Jamie Byatt

Youth/Academy - Ashley Bosah

Womens Football - Liam Chick

Facility Hire - Jackie Watkins

Press - Jackie Watkins


Sponsorship - Nick Shaw

Events - Nick Shaw


Website - Nick Shaw

Social media - Steve Reynolds

Members Club - Chris Woolley

Photography - Sam Conquest 

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