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100 CLUB

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By signing up for the 200 Club, you will be helping the club raise extra funds for the 1st Team


From just £20 you can be entered into 8 monthly draws to win cash prizes of £50 and £30 plus a chance to win the bumper £250 Christmas and End of Season draws! £20 will buy you one number, £50 buys 3 numbers and £90 gets you a bargain 6 numbers. You can pay up front by cheque, cash or by bank transfer.


If you are paying by cheque or through a bank transfer, please complete this form and either hand it to Graham Newsom (or another club official) on a match day, at a club event or by emailing a copy using this linkIf you prefer to pay by cash - please complete the form and hand it and the cash to Graham (or another club official) on a match day, or at a club event.

Numbers will be confirmed once payment is received in the 200 Club’s account.

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